Your Blind Passage

This was more than a year ago.

One day in the late autumn of 2011, went to Arken Museum with some friends. I was there really just for the installation art called Din Blinde Passager.

It was a tunnel lying on the floor, a long one, looks really ordinary from outside, but somehow makes people curious about what’s inside.

I went to the gate, the minute the first door was open, you can already feel the foggy space in front of you. The second door was like a bright portal in front of me, it was so mysterious, so peaceful, at least to me. I walked in directly, like a dead person’s soul cannot wait to pursue the light in front and run away from the ominous darkness, don’t even care what’s in the unknown light.

I was so relaxed, but so excited about the peaceful unknown. It was like walking in the cloud.


前年,10月底。跟朋友去Arken博物馆,我只是好奇那里的一座装置艺术品,丹麦-冰岛装置艺术家Olafur Eliasson的 Din Blinde Passager. 盲目的通道。从外面看只是一座很简陋的木质通道,很脆弱的样子,有些失望。推开第一扇门后我的好奇心倒是回归了,是一个狭小的过渡房间,但可以看到前面有一丝丝雾气从前面的门缝中飘出来。我迫不及待地推开最里面的门,然后呆住了,眼前的景象,是时间通道?传送门?天堂阶梯(虽然我是无神论者)?或是通往另一个空间的入口?





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