Wandering in the city

Wanted to post another set of pictures long time ago but never get to do it. I guess it’s because I went back to my hometown during the summer and was mostly enjoying the life where mum took care of everything : P Uhhh, this kind of comfy life is too precious, only get to have very few weeks of it every year. So I turned my productivity down to 0 for the whole summer…

And now I’m back.

I wrote ”Summer has passed, even though it’s only August. Copenhagen is windy everyday, windy AND rainy. Feels like late autumn already. Hope there are few more warm days to come.” When I drafted this post the first time, but surprise! The weather has been really generous since it entered September, it has been like summer the whole time, 22 degrees today, it’s almost tropical for this northern country. This is making my life slightly better from the thesis stress.

I never say no to taking a stroll in the city. I’ve lived in Copenhagen for quite a few years now, but there are still lots of places to be discovered.

Took some pictures before the summer vacation, when I went for a walk with Anwan, she’s quite photogenic.

Anyway, these pics were taken in several different places in Copenhagen, the Lakes (Søerne), Sydhavnen area and Island Brygge.

Enjoy the last bit of summer!


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