The very north of Denmark


Danish summer is quite different each year, sometimes you already have warm sunshine from the middle of April, but I’ve experienced May or even June with mostly freezing cold rainy-windy days.

A few days ago, the weather seems finally getting better, after all it’s almost June. I packed my small suitcase and hopped on the train to north jylland. I’ve been thinking about going there for a while and never had a good reason or time. Went there with Anwan and we stayed at Anni’s house during those 2, 3 days.

Since we have a car we got to drive all the way to the north, I was so happy and excited about seeing the ‘desert’ in Denmark – Råbjerg Mile, and it’s on the way to Skagen, I think it’s a dune, not really desert, but it looks as amazing.

Even though the day when I arrived was very warm and sunny, the weather on the second day was sooo bad, but it was the only whole day we had and we planned to visit the dune and Skagen, icy cold wind together with misty rain… The only good thing for me was that I really like to take portrait pictures in the cloudy days.

I love wide open places, big empty, I wanna come back to the sand and explore it properly, probably when the weather is a bit more gentle than this.

Good night Xx


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