It’ a very sunny day, Yue was at my place, we were just chilling, she showed me some new albums she discovered recently. The sunshine went through the long hall of the apartment building, both ends are pretty bright, I wanted to try to play with lights and that’s good chance, took some pictures of Yue, interesting experiment : D


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Your Blind Passage

This was more than a year ago.

One day in the late autumn of 2011, went to Arken Museum with some friends. I was there really just for the installation art called Din Blinde Passager.

It was a tunnel lying on the floor, a long one, looks really ordinary from outside, but somehow makes people curious about what’s inside.

I went to the gate, the minute the first door was open, you can already feel the foggy space in front of you. The second door was like a bright portal in front of me, it was so mysterious, so peaceful, at least to me. I walked in directly, like a dead person’s soul cannot wait to pursue the light in front and run away from the ominous darkness, don’t even care what’s in the unknown light.

I was so relaxed, but so excited about the peaceful unknown. It was like walking in the cloud.


前年,10月底。跟朋友去Arken博物馆,我只是好奇那里的一座装置艺术品,丹麦-冰岛装置艺术家Olafur Eliasson的 Din Blinde Passager. 盲目的通道。从外面看只是一座很简陋的木质通道,很脆弱的样子,有些失望。推开第一扇门后我的好奇心倒是回归了,是一个狭小的过渡房间,但可以看到前面有一丝丝雾气从前面的门缝中飘出来。我迫不及待地推开最里面的门,然后呆住了,眼前的景象,是时间通道?传送门?天堂阶梯(虽然我是无神论者)?或是通往另一个空间的入口?





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A Normal Conversation.

Just when I’m wondering why I can’t look at people’s eyes and have a serious conversation (except during work, study and where it is professional, with less emotion), I saw a TED video few minutes ago, which kicks me on the head and let me realize why I can’t look into others’ eyes and have a deep meaningful talk.
We live in an era of virtual social contact. We are able to edit, modify or even delete the elements in our ‘conversation’, while the real face to face conversation is way more complex and immediate, and you cannot control it once you have said something.

‘We use the conversation with each other, to learn how to have conversations with ourselves.’

I personally prefer talking than texting, because talking seems more clear and you can always explain the context and background of each sentences, but still, I do have a very close relationship with my smart phone.

But she was right in the video, we always feel that no one is listening to us, that’s why we have to post on facebook, on twitter, on many different kinds of platform, where so many audiences will just be there and see your expressions. I guess that’s why so many people, especially young people, need the ‘likes’ so much.

Because every day we are listening a bit less.

But face to face conversation is so important, ‘Because it’s when we stumble or hesitate or lose our words, that we reveal ourselves to each other.’





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很多人告诉我,其实在这小城市,居民更淳朴,环境更优美,但那句话说的多好啊,我这里必须要引用一下。”国外是又美又静又寂寞, 国内是真脏真乱真舒服!”

坐在我借来的king size充气大床垫上码字,浑身不舒服,也许它在悄悄地漏气。幸好,我马上要离开了。暂时住在我这里的那个巴西女孩,刚才兴高采烈屁颠屁颠地去德国玩了,我在家为了她把我灶台上用滚烫的锅烫出的黄圈圈黯然神伤。我跟焯讨论这个充满’不是故意的’破坏性的女孩,发现国外的很多年轻人都是如此没心没肺。





København wait for me!


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