Ever since I got my first SLR camera I’ve been wanting to take some portrait photos instead of only landscape, but never get to do it, it’s been years.

Been motivated by the weather and some other reasons, I finally carried out this project. Started with some pretty people around me, easier for the practice I suppose : P

Got quite a few more volunteers recently, hopefully will be more photos. Wish I had started this earlier, I’m really liking it : )


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Missing the sunshine

After 2 weeks the sun has finally come back, it was so sunny and nice yesterday. Scandinavia really has the best summer… when it happens.

Yue and I went to Amager Strand, the beach on Amager, for a walk, to fully enjoy the delicate good weather. The weather here, especially in the spring, is like an extremely unstable and stubborn child, changes her mind so fast, and you won’t see her sweet face that often. But of course, some years the summer and the sun can be very generous.

I remember when I was little, I never appreciate the sunshine very much, because it was ALWAYS there, for a loooong time every year. But now I literally get tears of joy whenever the sun is shining on the Danish sky :’)

Took some photos during the beach stroll.

I was definitely wearing too much black for the sunny day, but they are some of my favorite pieces. Blazer from Zara, small top inside is from & Other stories, my current only favorite brand, and the skirt from Gina. Also LOOOVE those shoes from & Other stories.

Please let the rest of May be summery!


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It’ a very sunny day, Yue was at my place, we were just chilling, she showed me some new albums she discovered recently. The sunshine went through the long hall of the apartment building, both ends are pretty bright, I wanted to try to play with lights and that’s good chance, took some pictures of Yue, interesting experiment : D


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