Long dress is perfect for scandinavian late spring

I finally decided to write about my favorite pieces in my closet.

It was a bit windy but still a warm sunny day today. I went to meet with a friend at her school, we both needed to catch up with some school work apparently : P Sitting together was not really a productive method… but for what it’s worth, it was cozy and nice : )

So here is the set.

Dress: Jersey A-Line dress from & Other Stories

Long necklace: Rhinestone pendant necklace from & Other Stories

Short necklace: gift from mum

Shoes: & Other Stories

Yes I’m a crazy fan of & Other Stories. Definitely more to come.


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By the forest

New set of work : )

Sunday evening I met up with Miri as we planned. When I was approaching the meeting place we agreed on, I saw her in a light weighted black dress, it looked nice.

She was carrying a big bag with quite a few ‘props’.

I have only met her once, at a friend’s party. Without so much knowledge about her, we had to warm up a bit while we try to explore the area that was gonna be our ‘studio’. At last, nature was gonna be the background.

I thought the warm sunny weather and the lovely nature would fit the girl who told me that one should try to become best friends with oneself.

And summer is coming.

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What’s it gonna be?

Well, for the 1001 times, I’m still awake at 1:20 even though I planned to sleep before 12.

Yet I still wanna struggle a bit before I go to sleep. This pic has been there for a while, took it around a month ago. From my window, again, in the late afternoon/evening, there was some rain but also some sunshine, it was literally ‘half-raining’…

So what’s it gonna be? Sunny and rainy, or cloudy and dry?

Or let’s just have both :>

Good night owl people.

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The Evening Light

My room’s window faces north, so I never get to see sunshine in my room in the morning. But I am so glad that every evening I get to see the gorgeous sunset from my window. You know what is the best way to enjoy it?

You can never get tired of looking at that sky.

Played a bit with my tripod : P

Summer is coming.

That’s another year.

Night : )


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