A quite surprising discovery

As a person that can get distracted by so many things so easily, I am always looking for comfortable places to study, no, really. I don’t know why but I can’t really do that at home, and school is always packed, so I prefer some nice and quite but not too quite cafés.

One day, when I was ‘struggling’ at home again, Yue called and told me she’s been studying at a new campus of her school, KEA, which is near Empire Bio in Nørrebro, and it has quite nice environment. It’s always fun to explore new places, especially when your friends recommend them to you, so I went there to have a look.

It turned out to be quite a little surprise : D

Really like the design and small details in the little café, cute place to study or do some group work.


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New earrings

Well, to be precise these are not the newest, but they are my current favorite.

Big earrings and small studs really make huge difference on many people. I have been looking for something small but not as small as studs, for a long time, and I was sooooo happy when I found these from & Other Stories, of course, Stories again ; )


Another casual working day. Guess I should smile a bit more.


Top: & Other Stories

Necklace: & Other Stories

Ankle boots: & Other Stories

Oh well, crazy fan indeed. Really like their designs.


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When the Italian meets the Scandinavian ocean

Another photo session last sunday : D with Alessia. She actually does some photo shooting as well, but she thought it would be fun to do it the other way round sometimes, so I got a new model.

We went to Amager Strand.

It turns out pretty well. I really like quite a few photos, that’s why it took me a while to struggle with myself and to pick a few pieces out of 110.

The Italian mermaid ; )

Really love the last one, she’s so sweet!

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Gleaming lights of the souls

I’m quite fascinated by installation arts recently, as you can probably see from a previous post. And this one at Louisiana, Gleaming Lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama, is the one that got me really interested in this kind of art.

It’s a sealed room with mirror walls, you can barely notice it because it is at an almost invisible corner in the museum. But there is always a queue in front of the little door. Such a shame that you can’t stay inside for a longer time.

Whenever I enter that room I just feel absolutely peaceful. It’s a very small room but because of the mirrors it also feels like infinity.



The name ‘Gleaming Lights of the Souls’ just couldn’t be more accurate! If you haven’t been to this museum and seen this installation, I would highly recommend! <3

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