Corrupted picture files

I just experienced the first and worst incidence since I started taking photos. My SD card was somehow corrupted in my own trustworthy laptop before I can even copy and save them on the computer or my external hard drive…

The worst part is, it was supposed to be used for a friend’s art work. When I first realized the photo was gone, I couldn’t believe it and tried everything to make them show up again, I tried to put the SD card back to the camera, tried to put the card back in my Mac again but the only thing there was just a weird file that can’t be opened, and it was named with some weird symbols.

I panicked, believe it or not I rarely do that! I tried all the methods to repair the memory card, but nothing… eventually I decided to pay about 300 kr. to buy this StellarPhoenix repairing software, and it worked, I got around 120 pictures back… until I found out they were mostly thumbnail files… my mood was like on a roller coaster.

Anyway, I got about 15 undamaged pictures back, which are of course not the best ones.

Learned the lesson, will always copy and save all the pictures before I touch any of the files on the SD card… But this will always happen, it can’t be completely avoided I guess. Then I do recommend this StellarPhoenix repairing software, this company has a series of software for different problems, personally I only recommend the one called ‘StellarPhoenix Photo Recovery’ tho, as it has actually recovered some pictures, and many other free or cheaper memory card repairing software did not even recover anything. The JPEG repairing software from this company, however, did not repair any pictures to a usable condition.

Enough about the depressing SD card incident for now. I took some picture with my iPhone recently and really like them, wanna share them here : )

The other day I was having a ‘feeling guilty from eating too much sweets’ walk, I saw this by the water between Christianhavn and Amager:

And yes, the World Cup. It made Island Brygge extra cozy, as Danish people say, hyggeligt : ) I went there for a few times when the sun was generous, and the dusk in that area, is simply amazing, but with the default camera on iphone, I didn’t get to adjust ISO, so much noise on the sky.

But I always loved the dusk, it’s my favorite time of the day. And the dusk of Danish summer surprises me, every time.

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    Pienso que le han inducido a error.

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