Ana, Sydhavn, Coffee and Sunshine

A few years ago, I visited my friends who moved to Teglholmen. They bought a very nice, newly built apartment. But the area was so empty. It was full of construction sites, no signs of city life, just two or three fancy modern buildings standing there all alone and didn’t look occupied. The weather that day was not helpful. Everything was opposite of cozy. I didn’t like it.

But a couple of weeks ago the weather got sunny, I promised Ana that I’d take some photos for her. So we had a stroll around Teglholmen.

We had some coffee and really cute cakes before heading to the water. Turns out so many families have moved into this area and it was developed into a lovely living quater. There are quite a few cafés and shops, and even a Yoga Café. People are just sitting on the pier and enjoying the sunshine on  days like this.

Back to the topic… I really like the photos from our sesh:

And this one Ana took for me:

Have a nice weekend! ❤️

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