Ana, Sydhavn, Coffee and Sunshine

A few years ago, I visited my friends who moved to Teglholmen. They bought a very nice, newly built apartment. But the area was so empty. It was full of construction sites, no signs of city life, just two or three fancy modern buildings standing there all alone and didn’t look occupied. The weather that day was not helpful. Everything was opposite of cozy. I didn’t like it.

But a couple of weeks ago the weather got sunny, I promised Ana that I’d take some photos for her. So we had a stroll around Teglholmen.

We had some coffee and really cute cakes before heading to the water. Turns out so many families have moved into this area and it was developed into a lovely living quater. There are quite a few cafés and shops, and even a Yoga Café. People are just sitting on the pier and enjoying the sunshine on  days like this.

Back to the topic… I really like the photos from our sesh:

And this one Ana took for me:

Have a nice weekend! ❤️

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LAMY Star Wars limited edition fountain pen

A friend of mine recently went back to China for a short vacation, sweet as her, she asked me if I needed anything from China, so I gladly looked around online and run into this baby. She just came back, we had a lunch date earlier today and she brought the stuff I bought from the Chinese Tmall.

I really enjoy hand writing, with all the technologies and gadgets today we hardly have any chance to really write during school and work anymore, I mean, most of the works are done on a computer. So ever since I picked up Danish again few months ago, I’ve been pretty happy about getting the chance to do some hand writing, taking notes, writing down vocabularies and stuff : D

Anyway, look at this, it’s so beautiful!

Was so excited taking pictures, 2 minutes later I found this… Oh well  :’)

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The very north of Denmark


Danish summer is quite different each year, sometimes you already have warm sunshine from the middle of April, but I’ve experienced May or even June with mostly freezing cold rainy-windy days.

A few days ago, the weather seems finally getting better, after all it’s almost June. I packed my small suitcase and hopped on the train to north jylland. I’ve been thinking about going there for a while and never had a good reason or time. Went there with Anwan and we stayed at Anni’s house during those 2, 3 days.

Since we have a car we got to drive all the way to the north, I was so happy and excited about seeing the ‘desert’ in Denmark – Råbjerg Mile, and it’s on the way to Skagen, I think it’s a dune, not really desert, but it looks as amazing.

Even though the day when I arrived was very warm and sunny, the weather on the second day was sooo bad, but it was the only whole day we had and we planned to visit the dune and Skagen, icy cold wind together with misty rain… The only good thing for me was that I really like to take portrait pictures in the cloudy days.

I love wide open places, big empty, I wanna come back to the sand and explore it properly, probably when the weather is a bit more gentle than this.

Good night Xx

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Cozy Brunch Spot on Amager

I tend to get a bit lazy during weekends but would normally crave for nice big breakfast, so I’m always enthusiastic when it comes to finding new brunch places. While most of my favorite cafes and dinners are in the city center, I’ve been looking for nice places for brunch near where I live on Amager.

Recently I discovered this brunch place in the center of Amager from a friend’s online check-in, from the picture I could see the food being quite good looking! So a few days ago we went there ourselves and tried the brunch there. It was actually tasty nice : P

So the place is called Food & Coffee (Mad & Kaffe), apparently there is another one in Vesterbro, according to their website. And this one on Amager is just at a corner one block behind Amagerbrogade and Øresundsvej, on a small street called Tyrolsgade, no. 6.

The place is rather bright and super cozy, slightly crowded especially when you come in the weekends after 10 or maybe 11 in the morning, might have to wait for a bit for a table, or actually, since the weather is getting better now, they also have seats outside.

For brunch you’ll get one page menu card, which you can just mark the things you want to order and give it back. I personally like their latte a lot and their mint ice tea / lemonade.

A very relaxed brunch spot with yum and healthy food, would recommend to people who live nearby : D

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